I believe that celebrating the human experience through movement is vital to understanding what draws us together. 

Movement is everywhere: in and around us. I see dance as an art form which can bring more awareness into the never ending moving cycle which life is. 

In the choreography’s and projects that I share it’s all about the experience. In the trainings it will be about the experience of the dancers body, during the performances it will be about the experience of the audience and the conversations with the dancers at the same time.

Choreography Projects

In these projects it’s all about bringing creativity into space through our bodies.
I designed the Choreography Projects for all levels, because I believe that every body has their own way of expressing life and that every body is able to perform and to enjoy sharing our love for movement and dance! 

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Het Zwevend Diner

a 3-course dance performance with floating plates where it’s all about circularity and nature.

choreography: Lotte Willemsma
design: Malou ter Horst
dancers: Sandra Daams, Fleur Bomelijn, Lotte Willemsma
photography: Bob de Riemer

The Movement Choir 

Focused on awareness and self-expression in the present moment. Where acceleration is present around us, the deceleration will speak more in an organic whole in which the dancers inspire each other to new insights, connections and collaboration. 

The Movement Choir is a form of choreography in which a large group of people can participate and where the audience is invited to move along in the slow down of the group, and in this way become part of the whole.

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